Future Factory

Who can join the competition?

  • anyone – just choose your category
  • you can join even as a individual
  • pupils of nvias courses are automatically prepared for this competition 

Where to send the video?

How to prepare a video for competition? – Future Factory (nvias.org)

You will send us the final video through Uschovna.cz 

  • Send it to email adress – info@nvias.org
  • Write into the message FUTURE FACTORY and the name of your team 
  • Check if you correctly wrote our e-mail adress. 
  • Link– send a file

Which categories are in the competition?

  • up to 10 years – factory built in the basic Minecraft without mods, must include the building and some kind of logic / automation with the use of redstone 
  • 11 – 16 years  – factory built in basic Minecraft without mods, must include the building and some kind of logic/automation with use of redstone and the function to use command blocks 
  • Connected worlds – the best realisation connecting Minecraft and Littlebits building kit. 
  • Free style – doesnt depend on age, everything is allowed, with the usage of mods.
  • Spectators choice -best voted video – voting will be runned on Youtube Channel  nvias.org

Texture packs are allowed.

Why is it better to play in a team?

More minds can create more stuff up and the more players will make bigger and advanced factory. Even individuals can join the competition, but bigger teams are more successful.

If you want to play in team, but you dont know anyone, who would join you, contact us at info@nvias.org – we will connect you to others and you will make a great team!

There can be maximally 4 players in each team. 

What do i have to create and make?

Every team has to create a video with presentation of their Future Factory. Dont forget to introduce your team members in the video and how you built the factory. Read the judging criteria, from which the judges choose the winners. 

Next we require following informations: 

    • Team name
    • Name of the team members (min. 1, max. 3)
    • Name of the factory
    • Short description: 250 characters
    • The lenght of the video mus be 3 min +/- 15 seconds

When are the deadlines?

  • registration of teams – 30.4.2023
  • send the video until – 30.4.2023

What are the judging criteria?

  • Factory and the whole concept – own factory and environment – roads for material and finished products, energetic source. 
  • Logic and automation – solving automation and logic  – and logic elements in factory and environment.í
  • Video presentation – team and factory introduction, the environment and all the gadgets. 

What can i win?