About Future Factory competition

Information about the competition Future Factory

Fourth year of competition about building the best Factory of Future.

The Goal of this competition is to motivate children, to change their time spent in Minecraft to learn new technological skills and at the same time to think about, how could the fully automated production of future look and in what it will differentiate from nowadays standard process.

Both previous years were great, the creations of kids really exceeded our expectations and we are interested, what they will create this year.

What kind of skills will kids get while playing the game?

  • Creation of your own projects
  • Teamwork
  • Orientation in 3D space thanks to the use of coordinates
  • Production of your own logical circuits (use of redstone)
  • The Foundations of programming and automation. (use of COMMAND_BLOCK)
  • Connecting the game world with real world of electronics
  • Creation and editing of videos
  • Presentations of completed projects.

Why is it important to know how to program


Whats the progression of this competition?

Its up to the individual teams, how much work and time do they put into their production. The basic work with REDSTONE and COMMAND_BLOCK, which they use in game for utilizing the technical adjustments and processes of automated production, can kids learn at workshops and courses, which throughout the year are organized together with the association TIP Pilsen on elementary schools in Pilsen region, or also at summer camps.

How can schools and parents join?

We will be thankfull to parents, if they will support their children in creative work and will accompany them towards the ceremonial announcment of winners, which will take place in February 2022.

Big thanks goes to primary and secondary schools for giving the information about competition to other students. In case of interest there is possibility create a Minecraft course or one of our one day projects in school from next year .

More iformations at nvias.org