How to prepare a video for competition?

We prepared a couple of tips for every attendant of Minecraft FUTURE FACTORY competition on how to prepare and record a video video.  

Firstly the most important – where to save the video for competition?

  • Send us the final video through
    • Send it on email –
    • Write into the message FUTURE FACTORY and the name of your team
    • Check if you wrote the e-mail adress correctly.
    • Link – Send a file


  • Screen recording
    • We recommend OBS – Open Broadcaster Software
      • Link for download 
      • We recommend to change the OBS settings. File settings – Export – Record format – mp4
      • Add source – screen recording, record window or record of game
      • You just have to press the record button – video will be saved into the videos folder. Its saved in the flv format, which is possible to edit further more.
  • Cutting a video
    • For cutting you can use:
      • In Windows 10, there are options to make great videos, including music and effects in application. Photos editing tutorial zde.
      • Video SoftwareProfessional VideoPad – for non-commercial usage free.
  • Music source
    • Here you can find music, which you can use for free in your videos. 
    • YouTube music library
    • Interesting can be also using of sound effects, just like the sounds of motor, or machines,…, 
    • If you dont choose music from the YouTube database, you can definitely find something at Free Music Archive 


  • Introduce yourself (we recommend max. 30 seconds)
    • Introducing what we will see in the vide
    • Introducing your team
    • The name of your factory
  • Introducing the building (we recommend 2 – 2,5 minutes)
    • Prepare a screenplay of individual scenes 
      • Choose the most interesting parts  of your building
        • Where is the automation working, …
        • What is the most beautiful …
        • Pretty are shots of whole factory and its background.
        • Next you can introduce the individual parts of producing process
      • Tell the audience what are you producing in the factory, what is the process path. (from material to finished products), Where are you getting the energy from, …
      • Dont forget about the information what makes from your factory the factory of the future.
        • Is it the fact that its placed in the nature and gentle towards the life environment?
        • Or, that it has fully automatic producing system?
        • …, that it makes the products of future?
        • …, that its energetically sustainable?
        • Or just, that its pretty and everyone would love to work there?
    • How you will guide us through the factory?
      • Try to fly over (gamemode spectator),
      • Or you can change the camera view – functional key F5
  • Conclusion(We recommend max. 30 seconds)
    • The last message for viewers – Thanks for likes and watching, …
    • Subtitles – The builders of the factory, producers of video, …
      • dont forget to include the name of the author of music which you used.

Frequently asked questions

Can i make the factory alone?

YES, firstly we imagined that individuals will join only Free style category. But after you insisted, that you cant find a friend for building, we released all categories even for individuals.

Do i need to have commentary in the video?

NO, please just use some kind of subtitles, so we understand everything that is happening. 🙂 Look at the recommendations – Screenplay is at the beginning of this page. 

Do i have to record a video just through the recording of monitor/screen?

NO, video can be recorded any possible way. In case that the recording of screen is too complicated for You, take mobile phone and record it on smartphone.