Future Factory

Build a factory of the future

Build the factory in Minecraft. Record a video. Win great prizes!

The course of the competition

Build a team

Make a great team! You dont know about anyone, who would join the competition with you? Register alone and we will connect you with others.

Plan a project

What will the factory produce, how it will work, where it will take energy and how it will look?

Inspire yourself

Look at the videos from previous years and on tips and tricks, which we collected for you.

Build a factory

 Create something new. Use redstone, command blocks and automate the production process.  

Record a video

Present your project in a short video, as you will find out in our guide.


Come to Pilsen in February 2022  at a ceremony for great prizes.


Why join the competition?

Programming and automation can also be learned in a fun way. You can also use Minecraft as an educational platform.

Play Video

Our partners

Future Factory wouldn´t exist without our partners.

We create project days and workshops for them.


Write or call us. If you have a question, wish or you would like to participate in the competition, we are here for you